Marcey Mahler and her company, MRM & ASSOCIATES, INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES, have been helping both Certificated and Classified staff with 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuities for over 13 yrs.  Marcey Mahler is licensed to sell Traditional Fixed Annuities and Equity Index Annuities.  MRM & Associates has team members who are licensed to sell securities including Tax Sheltered Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities.  As such, MRM & Associates sells a full range of TSA products from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

Ms. Mahler has specialized in “EDUCATING THE EDUCATOR” about their Retirement Options via power point/overhead presentations detailing all the benefits (money in bank vs. money in TSA, tax benefits,   CAlStrs  benefits, including how to calculate benefits, explanation of different option regarding: spousal options, lump sum options, Longevity bonus, Air Time, etc.).  Theses workshops are all GENERIC and no products, companies, or sales are discussed.  A discussion on the different types of TSA retirement options is available to them.  Marcey provides BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and/or DINNER for attendees to workshops.


Ms. Mahler is educated in all fields of insurance including: Annuities, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits / Supplemental Medical Plans, i.e. Cancer, Heart/Stroke Coverage, Accident, etc.).


Over the years, Ms. Mahler has procured payroll slots in many school districts within California including, LENNOX SCHOOL DISTRICT / DOWNEY SCHOOL DISTRICT / CHULA VISTA SCHOOL DISTRICT / SACRAMENTO SCHOOL DISTRICT as well as providing services to LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT STAFF.


Ms. Mahler is also very involved with the CHARTER SCHOOLS OF CALIFORNIA, servicing more than 15 charter schools within the Los Angeles Area.


Ms. Mahler has over 1,000 active clients and communicates with her clients annually reviewing their accounts to ensure that their investments are appropriate to their current and future needs.

California License #OC28846